With the rising cost of fuel – due to its increasing scarcity – and the impact of pollution from fossil fuelled vehicles on our community and environment, new forms of transport offer a sustainable future.

My concept is to design a human powered vehicle (HPV) that can function as both a community car and as a tradesman’s ute, thereby becoming highly active in the community for both transportation of people and cargo.

The COMM-UTE is a proposal for a viable future without cars. It is a vision in answer to the ever-increasing problem of global pollution, a life-threatening concern which has not yet been fully accepted by our wider community.


About Todd Dawson

Todd Dawson graduated from the Industrial Design program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2012. With a focus on innovative and sustainable product design, Todd seeks to create objects that encourage playful engagements and deliver richer user experiences. In 2012 Todd interned with leading Australian product design studio Catalyst Design Group, coordinating the design and delivery of KNOG’s presentation at the 2012 Frostbike tradeshow in Minneapolis USA. This followed Todd’s design of a four person human-powered vehicle called ‘Comm-ute’ which was selected for the Victorian Eco Innovation Lab’s “2032″ exhibition in 2010. Other projects by Todd include designing: ‘Gridlock’, a unique cable lock for bicycles; ‘Ecomoto’, an air-powered motorcycle and ‘Modern Glow’, an interactive mood light. Currently working on projects that explore intuitive product design solutions for domestic and commercial spaces, Todd is an emerging designer who aims to deliver smarter and leaner ways of living in the twenty first century.
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