Did you blow your budget to buy your dream bike? Then make sure you protect it with a GRIDLOCK cable lock that is the latest in technology – it’s secure, reliable and flexible.

‘GRIDLOCK’ embraces the unique styling of a cyclone weave construction – made from medical-grade photo-luminescent silicone, which has been extrusion moulded over a 5mm braided loose bound steel cable with a fibre core. This cable is attached at either end to a marine grade stainless steel lock body and 3 locking pins, which are compression joined and spot welded in place. This unique assembly of parts gives the lock awesome flexibility – allowing it to be stretched, twisted and manipulated which lets the user lock their bike in a greater number of different configurations. This unique flexibility also means the lock can be rolled up and put in a backpack or wrapped around a bike frame for transport. The photo-luminescent crystals ingrained in the silicone cause the lock to glow in the dark – which not only makes it easier to find your bike at night, it also lets thieves know your bike is secured by the best technology.

It’s your ride, now protect it 24/7 – because crime never sleeps!!!


About Todd Dawson

Todd Dawson graduated from the Industrial Design program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2012. With a focus on innovative and sustainable product design, Todd seeks to create objects that encourage playful engagements and deliver richer user experiences. In 2012 Todd interned with leading Australian product design studio Catalyst Design Group, coordinating the design and delivery of KNOG’s presentation at the 2012 Frostbike tradeshow in Minneapolis USA. This followed Todd’s design of a four person human-powered vehicle called ‘Comm-ute’ which was selected for the Victorian Eco Innovation Lab’s “2032″ exhibition in 2010. Other projects by Todd include designing: ‘Gridlock’, a unique cable lock for bicycles; ‘Ecomoto’, an air-powered motorcycle and ‘Modern Glow’, an interactive mood light. Currently working on projects that explore intuitive product design solutions for domestic and commercial spaces, Todd is an emerging designer who aims to deliver smarter and leaner ways of living in the twenty first century.
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